JS Dahlias

57295 CR 35
Middlebury, IN 46540
(574) 825-5132

Closed for Season

NameYearADS SizeFormColor ColorCommentHeight Tuber Price
AA (Giant) over 10 inches in diameter
AC Ben   (Pic) 2010 0210 AA SC LB OR1/YL11 Nice Flower 3.58.00
AC Big Johnson2015 0210 AA SC LB YL20/OR15 Nice Flower 5.0Sold Out
AC Big Mary2017  AA ID OR  Can Be Largest 7.0Sold Out
AC FBG   (Pic) 2017 0203 AA SC OR OR18 Show Flower 6.0Sold Out
AC Freebird   (Pic) 2017  AA SC  Show Flower 6.016.00
AC Holy Cow   (Pic) 2016 0309 AA PR  Can Be Largest 5.015.00
AC Inara   (Pic) 2014 0015 AA FD BI PR/W Show Flower 5.017.00
AC JC   (Pic) 2017 0212 AA SC FL YL20/OR20 Show Flower 7.016.00
AC Pillow   (Pic) 2017 0213 AA SC DB OR18/YL18 Show Flower 7.015.00
AC Roskelly2017 0208 AA SC LV9 Show Flower 5.022.00
AC Zed2017 0209 AA SC PR PR26 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Alfred C1974 0203 AA SC OR OR12 Nice Flower 4.08.00
Danum Meteor   (Pic) 1996 0206 AA SC RD20 Can be largest of show 3.5Sold Out
Hart's Dr. McMurrray   (Pic) 2010 0103 AA ID OR OR17 Show Flower 3.5Sold Out
Hollyhill Big Pink   (Pic) 2009 0105 AA ID DP DP17 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Hollyhill Clydesdale   (Pic) 2007 0207 AA SC RD  Nice Flower 5.0Sold Out
Inland Dynasty   (Pic) 1992 0202 AA SC YL11 Show Flower 5.0Sold Out
Irene's Pride   (Pic) 1990 0211 AA SC BR BR2 Nice Flower 4.010.00
Penhill Watermelon   (Pic) 2000 0110 AA ID LB DP20/DP3/YL8 Can be largest of show 5.0Sold Out
Winkie Colonel   (Pic) 1996 0106 AA ID  Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Wyn's Neon Dream   (Pic) 2012 0102 AA ID  Show Flower 5.010.00
Zorro   (Pic) 1987 0107 AA ID DR DR4 Show Flower 3.510.00
A (Large) over 8 to 10 inches in diameter
AC Casper2015 1101 ID WH2 Show Fiower 5.015.00
Allen's Big Red   (Pic) 2017 1206 SC RD24 Show Flower 4.09.00
Amhurst Raymond   (Pic) 2018 1102 ID  Show Flower 4.020.00
Clearview Edie   (Pic) 2014 1201 SC WH2 Show Flower 5.0Sold Out
Clearview Jonas2017 1210 SC LB PK/YL7 Show Flower 4.017.00
Clearview Sundance   (Pic) 2013 1302 YL5 Show Flower 4.5Sold Out
Fleurel2005 1101 ID WHO Nice Flower 3.010.00
Gitt's Perfection   (Pic) 1997 1110 ID LB LV8/WH3 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Harvey Koop   (Pic) 2010 1114 ID DR3/YL11 Show Flower 5.0Sold Out
Hollyhill Electra   (Pic) 2001 1403 IC OR OR20 Show Fiower 6.0Sold Out
Hollyhill Funhouse2016  FD YL/ R Show Fiower 7.011.00
Islander   (Pic) 1983 1105 ID DP DP14 Show Flower 5.0Sold Out
John Meggos   (Pic) 2014 1114 ID DR3/yl11 Nice Flower 4.0Sold Out
JS Butterscotch   (Pic) 2013 1114 ID OR5/RD24 Show Flower 4.57.00
JS Jenny   (Pic) 2018 1103 ID OR  Lynn B.Dudley Medal 6.025.00
Ka's Cloud   (Pic) 2015 1101 ID WH2 Show Fiower 5.0Sold Out
Kenora Wildfire   (Pic) 1989 1206 SC RD10 Show Flower 4.07.00
Lakeview Tony2017 1207 SC DR DR24 Show Flower 4.014.00
Louie Meggos   (Pic) 2009 1101 ID WH2 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Mother's Love   (Pic) 2016 1110 ID LB LV8/W2 Derrill W. Hart 6.020.00
Snoho Storm   (Pic) 2010 1401 IC WH2 Show Fiower 6.0Sold Out
Steve Meggos   (Pic) 2012 1111 ID BR BR1 Show Flower 5.07.00
Steve Tkach   (Pic) 2016 1202 SC YL YL9 Show Fiower 4.0Sold Out
Vassio Meggos   (Pic) 2005 1108 ID LV10 Show Flower 5.07.00
Verda   (Pic) 1994 1201 SC WH2 Show Fiower 4.07.00
Vicki   (Pic) 1987 1202 SC YL19 Show Flower 5.0Sold Out
B (Medium) over 6 to 8 inches in diameter
AC Chelan2017 2213 SC DB WH2/PR23 Nice Flower 5.0Sold Out
AC Conan   (Pic) 2017 2209 SC PR PR25 Show Flower 5.0Sold Out
AC Outlander2017 2310 LB YL2/PR23 Show Flower 6.018.00
AC Row's End2017 2313 DB WH1/PR24 Show Flower 5.018.00
AC Skagit2017 2203 SC OR OR17 Show Flower 4.015.00
April Dawn   (Pic) 1984 2110 ID LB WH2/PK23 Very good form 3.5Sold Out
Bloomquist Carol S2017 2203 SC OR OR24 Show Flower 4.010.00
Bloomquist Karen G   (Pic) 2016 2210 SC LB BR10/YL12 Show Flower 5.08.00
Camano Sunshine   (Pic) 2012 2102 ID  Show Flower 5.0Sold Out
Clearview Cameron2017 2310 LB WH0/LV7 Show Flower 5.0Sold Out
Clearview Mick S   (Pic) 2017 2109 ID PR PR26 Show Flower 5.0Sold Out
Clearview Motley   (Pic) 2017 2214 SC WH2/PR25 Show Flower 5.012.00
Country Charm   (Pic) 2001 2010 FD LB PK23/YL11 Show Fiower 5.010.00
Country Superstar   (Pic) 2016 2213 SC DB DP18/YL16 Show Fiower 4.010.00
Crazy 4 David2016 2209 SC PR PR24 Show Fiower  10.00
Edna C   (Pic) 1968 2002 FD YL4 Show Flower 4.010.00
Hamari Sunshine   (Pic) 1996 2102 ID YL11 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Hapet Champagne   (Pic) 2014 2510 LC LB OR1/YL15 Show Flower 4.010.00
Hilltop Emily   (Pic) 2014 2213 SC DB DP15/YL8 Show Fiower 4.0Sold Out
Hollyhill Dark Victory   (Pic) 2001 2307 DR DR6 Everyone likes it 4.0Sold Out
Kenora Challenger1991 2201 SC WH2 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Kenora Sunset   (Pic) 1996 2212 SC FL RD19/Yl12 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Ketchup & Mustard2011 2012 FD FL RD22/YL11 Color is nice 3.512.00
Manor Jayne   (Pic) 2016 2509 Lac PR  PR 36 Lynn B. Dudley 5.0Sold Out
Maria K Meggos   (Pic) 2008 2303 OR OR18 Show Flower 3.5Sold Out
Radegast   (Pic) 2016  ID LB W/L Cut Flower 7.0Sold Out
Rock Run James   (Pic) 2006 2112 ID FL RD11/YL20 Cut Flower 4.0Sold Out
Sandia Warbonnet   (Pic) 2014 2515 LC BI RD11/WH3 Show Fiower 4.0Sold Out
Ukraine Free   (Pic) 1994 2107 ID DR DR6 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Westerton Harry2017 2102 ID  Show Flower 6.012.00
Westerton Lilian   (Pic) 2014 2110 ID LB PK/Y Show Fiower 6.012.00
Woodland's Wildthing   (Pic) 2000 2203 SC OR OR23 Show Flower 4.5Sold Out
BB (Small) over 4 to 6 inches in diameter
Aitara Diadem   (Pic) 2002 3015 BB FD BI DP17/WH2 Everyone likes it 4.55.00
Amhurst Regina II   (Pic) 2018 3102 BB ID  Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Bear Creek Sunrise   (Pic) 2013 3303 BB OR OR19 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Bloomquist Barbara   (Pic) 2011 3002 BB FD YL11 Show Flower 3.5Sold Out
Country Sweetheart   (Pic) 2011 3003 BB FD OR OR6 Show Flower 4.08.00
Hollyhill Black Beauty   (Pic) 2012 2012 BB ID DR DR12 Show Flower 5.5Sold Out
Hollyhill Dr.Rick   (Pic) 2017 3407 BB IC DR DR4 Show Flower 6.012.00
Hollyhill Jitterbug2016 3203 BB SC OR OR6 Show Fiower 6.08.00
Hollyhill Ripple   (Pic) 2016  BB WH/PR Cut Flower 3.5Sold Out
Hollyhill Showtime   (Pic) 2017 3203 BB SC OR OR9 Show Flower 4.014.00
I-Spy   (Pic) 2017 3002 BB FD  Show Fiower 4.0Sold Out
Jessica   (Pic) 1988 3415 BB IC BI YL12/RD11 Everyone likes it 5.0Sold Out
Jowey Nice   (Pic) 2017 3014 BB FD BR1/R23 Nice Flower 4.015.00
JS Addie   (Pic) 2009 3001 BB FD WH1 Early Show Flower 3.5Sold Out
JS Dorothy Rose   (Pic) 2011 3013 BB FD DB PR24/DP21 Everyone likes it 4.010.00
JS Lemon   (Pic) 2011 3002 BB FD YL15 Show Flower 5.07.00
Lakeview Glow   (Pic) 2010 3402 BB IC YL11 Show Flower 3.5Sold Out
Larks Ebbe   (Pic) 21015  BB FD LB  Cut Flower 3.55.00
Manor Jubilee   (Pic) 2010 3107 BB ID DR DR12 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Maudie   (Pic) 2017 3002 BB FD YL11 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Narrows Jason   (Pic) 2017 3308 BB LV12 Show Flower 5.010.00
Nellie & Winnie   (Pic) 2015 3214 BB SC WH3/PR15 Show Fiower 4.013.00
OVA-JO   (Pic) 2015 3015 BB FD BI Y5/WH1 Show Flower 5.0Sold Out
Parkland Rave   (Pic) 2005 3408 BB IC LV10 Show Fiower 5.0Sold Out
Ritchie's RAJ   (Pic) 2017 3313 BB DB PR/WH Jessica Sport 5.0Sold Out
Santa Claus   (Pic) 1983 3115 BB ID Bi RD10/WH1 Nice Flower 5.0Sold Out
Sporty Claus   (Pic) 2010  BB ID BI OR/WH Nice Flower 5.0Sold Out
Windhaven Firelight2017  BB FL  Nice Flower 5.0Sold Out
Windhaven Flare   (Pic) 2016 3512 BB LC FL RD24/YL11 Show Fiower 5.0Sold Out
Yesterday   (Pic) 2015 3102 BB ID YL9 Show Fiower 4.0Sold Out
M (Miniature) up to 4 inches in diameter
Brookside J Cooley   (Pic) 1983 4102 ID YL11 Show Flower 3.0Sold Out
Hollyhill Lilliput   (Pic) 2017  FD  Show Flower 4.08.00
Ryecroft Jan   (Pic) 2001 4001 FD WH2 Show Flower 4.510.00
BA (Ball) over 3.5 inches in diameter
Jowey Britt   (Pic)    BA   Nice Flower 4.010.00
JS Janice   (Pic) 2015 6009  BA PR PR26 Show Flower 3.5Sold Out
MB (Miniature Ball) over 2 3.5 inches is diameter
Baron Christopher   (Pic) 2015 6112  MB FL OR23/YL12 Show Flower 4.010.00
Hapet Pearl2007 6110  MB LB Yl9/LV12 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Bloomquist Charlie Ann2016 7002  ST YL10 Show Flower 4.08.00
Irish Blackhart2014 7015  ST BI DR3/Wh1 Show Fiower 4.0Sold Out
Cameo   (Pic) 1986 7302  WL YL1 Very good form 3.5Sold Out
Fern Irene   (Pic) 1985 7302  WL YL11 Show Flower 4.515.00
Hollyhill Monet2014 7313  WL DB DP5/YL19 Nice Flower 5.010.00
Hollyhill Snowfire2017   WL Wh/yl/r  Garden Flower 4.012.00
Pam Howden   (Pic) 1995 7310  WL LB YL16/OR5/DP13 Show Flower 3.5Sold Out
R Mona   (Pic) 2008 7306  WL RD21 Show Fiower 5.0Sold Out
Alpen Cherub1987 9001  CO WH1/wh1 Show Flower 3.05.00
Baron Aunt Dorothy   (Pic) 2013 9002  CO YL12/y19 Show Flower 4.0Sold Out
Little Miss Judy   (Pic) 2017 9006  CO RD19/db/rd24/wh1 Nice Flower 3.5Sold Out
Steve-O   (Pic) 2016 7613  NX DB YL9/R24 Show Fiower 6.0Sold Out